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Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam
Fast Facts




Singel 508
Southern Canal Belt
1017 Amsterdam
Market / Fair

Flowers, Bloemenmarket

Photo by Alfredo De Simone

The Bloemenmarkt, as Amsterdam's flower market is called, may no longer be floating nor the best place to buy bulbs yet it's a colorful place to while away an hour and fun spot to shop for souvenirs. Established in 1862 and located on one of Amsterdam's oldest canals, this once floating flower market is the best-known in Holland. The covered stalls on permanently moored barges sell blooms, bulbs and plants as well as t-shirts, magnets, postcards, and clog-shaped slippers. The cut flowers are reasonably priced. The bulbs are cheap but the quality is poor. What's more, the content doesn't always reflect the package.
Tulip Mania
Dutch Bulbs

Dutch Bulbs

Alfredo De Simone

The tulip mania isn't a present-day passion for a bulbous plant but rather a 17th century flower frenzy that swept away fortunes. The tulip, cultivated in the Ottoman Empire from around the year 1000, was first introduced to Europe in the late 16th century. This brightly-colored cup-shaped flower, which grows from a bulb and blooms for just one week each spring, quickly became a must have in Holland. In fact, so great was the desire to own tulips that the price of a single rare bulb soon exceeded a worker's annual wage by more than six times. The rise in price fueled speculation and soon even the poor were betting on bulbs. Some people grew rich but when prices collapsed in 1637 many people lost everything.
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