Metropolitan Cathedral, Buenos Aires

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The Catedral Metropolitana is the mother church of Catholic Buenos Aires. First built in 1590, it is a mix of architectural styles - neoclassical, neo-Renaissance, Rococo and Baroque - and decked with detail. The 18th century vessels and dome are neo-renaissance in style. Corinthian columns adorn the portico. The wood altarpiece is Rococo. The 19th century façade is neoclassical. The walls and ceilings are frescoed. The Cathedral is trimmed with statues. The Metropolitan Cathedral houses the ornate 'guarded' mausoleum of José de San Martín, an Argentine national hero.
Jose de San Martin
José de San Martín (1778 - 1859) is a national hero in Argentina, Chile and Peru and champion of the War of Independence. He helped free southern South America from Spanish rule in the early 1800s and is known as a Liberator together with Simón Bolívar. San Martín's great strength was his military skill. He secured independence for Argentina, Chile and Peru with his bold plan to attack Spanish forces in Lima by sea rather than land. The irony of San Martín's story is that he learned his skills in the Spanish army where he served as loyal officer for 20 years.
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