Chapel of our Lady of the Bulwarks, Mozambique Island
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Chapel of our Lady of the Bulwarks, Mozambique Island


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A tour of the Chapel of our Lady of the Bulwarks, Capela de Nossa Senhora do Baluarte in Portuguese, offers kids insight to Mozambique Island's early history as well as its colonial prominence. Built in 1522, the Chapel is said to be the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere and one of the best examples of Manueline (also spelled Manuelino) architecture in Mozambique. As you tour the Chapel look for examples sea shapes; the Manueline style is a celebration of Portugal's 16th century seafaring ways.
Getting There
The Chapel is situated just beyond the San Sebastian Fort on the northern tip of Mozambique Island and is easily reached by foot from all points on this small island.
Things to Keep in Mind
Locals charge roughly 1 USD for guided tours of the Chapel and adjacent San Sebastian Fortress.
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