Eagle River Farmers' Market, Eagle River

At the open-air Eagle River Farmers' Market a trip to the market is an outing for all. Shop for fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers as well as cheese, meat, maple syrup and crafts while hubby and the kids take part in hands-on children's activities.
Eagle River Farmers’ Market

Eagle River Farmers' Market

Eagle River Farmers' Market

What is a Farmers' Market?

A farmers' market is a place, usually outdoors, where local farmers sell the fruit, vegetables, cheese and eggs as well as other goods such as home-baked bread that they make or grow on their farm. Farmers' markets are held throughout the world and in some villages it's the only place to buy food. Why visit a farmers' market when you can go to the grocery store? The food sold at a farmers' market is grown locally and likely fresher when you buy it. Some farmers' markets sell produce that is grown organically, meaning pesticides and fertilizers aren't used and nothing extra is added. What's more, a farmers' market is a great place to try local foods and get to now the people.

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