Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Cairo

No holiday in Cairo is complete without a trip to the Egyptian Museum. Not only does it house the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities, more than 120,000 artifacts are on display here, it is home to King Tut's tomb, as the treasures of King Tutankhamun are commonly referred. Yet a tour of this pink building just meters from the Nile can quickly become overwhelming. The collection, arranged chronologically, is poorly labeled and the few descriptions are a century old. The following tips will ensure history triumphs over boredom on a trip with kids. Focus on things kids like such as the Ro... Read Moreyal Mummy Room, King Tut's tomb and animal mummy exhibit. Hire a professional guide or invest in a map and educate yourself beforehand. View the ground floor last. Take a break mid-way through your visit and recharge your child's batteries. Head to the museum cafeteria, bring snacks and relax in the courtyard, or simply take a breather in the bookshop. One last word of advice, quit the museum before the kids no longer care.
Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Elizabeth LoCicero

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A real challenge

Submitted on 29 January 2008 by snowedunder from Monza, Italy

Touring a museum with children has never been tougher. Not only does Cairo's Egyptian Museum lack didactic labeling in any form there is far too much for kids to digest in a week let alone a single trip. Having said that the Egyptian Museum remains a must see in Cairo. A well thought out plan and well-informed guide, be it a professional or knowledgeable parent, will significantly enhance a child's experience and ensure that the magic of King Tut's tomb doesn't become the Curse of the Mummy. 

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