Fred Scheer's Lumberjack Show, Minocqua

A lumberjack show has all the makings of a tourist trap, corny jokes and hokey events. Not Fred Scheer’s. This world champion team of lumberjacks is highly entertaining. Watch logrolling, speed carving and power sawing events. Laugh at the hilarious acts of lumberjacks. And learn a bit about Northern Wisconsin’s lumbering history on a fun outing for all.

Elm Street, Woodruff, Wisconsin 54568 | +1 (715) 634 6923 | Website | Email


Lumberjacks armed with nothing but an ax and saw once logged much of the northern United States. These strong, burly men lived in bunkhouses and tents in lumberjack camps far from their family and friends. And while the life of a lumberjack was very hard, and extremely dangerous too, it must have been at least a little bit fun. Or there wouldn't be so many tall tales of lumberjacks in American folklore. Giant, bearded fellows wearing suspenders, heavy boots and long-sleeved flannel shirt, lumberjacks are known for their incredible feats. Paul Bunyon is the most famous lumberjack story in America.

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