Bat Grotto, Matera
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Loc. Serra S. Angelo
75100 Matera
Ancient Ruins
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Bat Grotto, Grotta dei Pipistrelli in Italian, is more than a large cavern. This rock cave, 120 meters deep, is home to three kinds of bats. It is part of a large network of caves and has three secret entryways. And it boasts traces of human habitation 40,000 years ancient. - Pottery fragments and animal fossils dating from the mid and late Paleolithic as well as remains of a Mediaeval alter and frescoes were uncovered here in the 1870s. - Yet what makes a trek to the Bat Grotto really cool are the legends and myths told by the locals.
Getting There
Grotta dei Pipistrelli is located roughly 4 km (2.5 miles) south of Matera. The cave is situated on the west side of the ravine and is accessible from the road to Montescaglioso.
Things to Keep in Mind
As with most of the caves in Matera, Grotta dei Pipistrelli is best visited with a guide.
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