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Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park
Fast Facts




Canyon Country
Yellowstone Nat'l Park
Wyoming 82190
Points of Interest Nearby

Yellowstone River, Hayden Valley


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

Hayden Valley may not be a geological hotspot nor particularly picturesque yet it is one of the top spots for viewing wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. This ancient lakebed blanketed with glacial till - tiny particles of clay, gravel and sand that do not drain water well - supports a variety of animals and birds. View waterfowl and waders in Hayden's low-lying wetlands. Spot river otters and observe busy beaver in the slow moving waters of the Yellowstone River. Watch elk, bison and moose as they forage for food in dry meadows and near water's edge. And if you're lucky, sight grizzly bear, bald eagle and coyote. Predators of the above. Hayden Valley - named after the American geologist, Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden, whose 1871 survey led to the creation of America's first national park - is not easily overlooked.
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