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Lixus, Larache
Fast Facts




Tangier - Larache Highway
Larache, Morocco
Ancient Ruins
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The ancient settlement of Lixus can't hold a candle to Volubilis - only a small portion of the ruins are excavated and much is masked by vegetation - yet it possesses a few pleasant surprises. An important trade center from 900 BC to 100 AD, Lixus was settled by the Phoenicians, annexed by Carthage, and occupied by the Romans. Pliny the Elder, a Roman philosopher, placed the Garden of the Hesperides in this corner of Morocco. Lixus boasts a picturesque setting. It sits atop Tchemmich Hill and overlooks the verdant countryside, salt flats and Loukkos River. The ruins include a temple, amphitheatre, public baths and garum or fish sauce factory.
Getting There
Lixus is located 5 km from Laroche. The main entrance is situated on the old road to Tangier. The ruins are easily reached by public transport and private vehicle. Buses 4 and 5 stop at Lixus. Petite taxis charge 20dh, one way. Family travel tips: Buses 4 and 5 depart from the old fort. Not all buses are numbered; not all have destination signs. When in doubt, inquire. Petite taxis aren't metered; all rates are bargained.
Things to Keep in Mind
Entry is free of charge. A tour of the ruins takes roughly 1 hour. The faux guides at the entrance are extremely persistent.
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