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Malindi Marine National Park, Malindi
Fast Facts




Malindi 80200
Coast Province, Kenya
+254 20 600800
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Malindi Marine National Park, part of the Malindi-Watamu Biosphere Reserve, is a good place to spot megafauna and tropical fish. But don't expect to find brilliant coral or translucent water. The fringing reef has suffered greatly from coral bleaching and shell collecting. The clear blue ocean is often silted brown, even in the dry season. See surgeonfish, angelfish and moorish idols. Observe sea stars and anemone. Spot hawksbill and green turtles as well as whale and mako sharks. Take a glass bottom boat tour. Snorkel, swim and scuba dive.
Moorish Idol Facts

There are lots of fun facts about the moorish idol. Did you know that?

  • The moorish idol, Zanclus cornutus , is the sole member of the Zanclidae family. Its nearest relatives are scats, rabbitfishes, louvar, spadefishes and surgeonfishes even if it most closely resembles the butterflyfish.
  • Moorish idols have a flat, round, disk-like body and wispy dorsal fin. They have a small mouth and tubular snout. They have distinctive black, yellow and white bands and orange saddle on their muzzle.
  • The moorish idol measures 23 cm (9 inches) in length. It is by no means the largest (whale sharks measure 16 meters) nor the smallest (stout infantfish measure 8mm) fish in the ocean.
  • Moorish idols live in tropical reefs and lagoons. They inhabit flat reefs at depths from 3 to 180 meters (10 to 600 feet). They are found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans from East Africa to Peru.
  • Moorish idols feed on invertebrates such as sponges and tunicates.
  • The moorish idol is a popular aquarium fish but is extremely difficult to care for.
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