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Lin Ottinger's Moab Rock Shop, Moab

Lin Ottinger's Moab Rock Shop is a must see whether your children are budding geologists or dinosaur aficionados. Often referred to as the dinosaur man, Lin Ottinger, is a well-known area rockhound. And his shop, chock-a-block with rocks, crystals and dinosaur bones, is a journey through Moab's history as well as a great place to hunt for unique Southeast Utah souvenirs. If you can peel the kids away from the minerals and fossils, draw their attention to the map 150 millions years of Canyonlands. Not only does it explain how to look for dinosaur bones it illustrates the findings in ea... Read Morech layer of rock.
Lin Ottinger's Rock Shop, Moab

Lin Ottinger's Rock Shop, Moab

Alfredo De Simone

Moab Rock Shop reviews

A fun place for curious kids

Submitted on 23 November 2007 by snowedunder from Monza, Italy

When my daughter found a coupon for a free dinosaur bone in one of the brochure racks around Moab, Lin Ottinger\'s became a must stop. And she couldn\'t get there fast enough. The shop has thousands of rocks and fossils from Moab as well as other points around the world. Plan to spend at least an hour. If your children are anything like my 8-year-old daughter they will want to inspect each item on display.

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