The New Victory Theatre, New York City

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Without doubt, you should try to make it to a New Victory Theatre performance! Not only does the non-profit New Vic offer a true theatre experience for families and kids, there's not a bad seat in this beautifully restored jewel-box theatre. Family acts feature adventurous and thought provoking theater, dance, music, new vaudeville, puppetry and circus productions from around the world and close to home. Workshops, teen events and Studio Weeks give kids an up-close look at all things theatre. No trip to New York is complete without taking in a show or trying out the stage.

229 West 42nd Street, New York, New York 10036 | Website

Theatre Lingo

Did you know that the theatre has its own lingo? Here are few of the expressions you are likely to hear at a performance, theatre workshop or backstage event.

  • Ad lib, from the Latin word ad libitum meaning at one's pleasure, is to improvise or deliver spontaneously.
  • An audition is a performance by an actor, singer, dancer or other performer before producers and directors to secure a role in a production.
  • A backdrop, also known as a backcloth, is a large painted cloth hung at the back of the stage.
  • Backstage is the area behind and around the stage that is outside of the public view, such as the wings and dressing rooms.
  • A catwalk is an elevated platform from which lighting and sound are often managed.
  • A cue is a signal to performers, crew members and stage technicians that a certain action is required.
  • A curtain call is the appearance of performers at the end of a show in response to applause.
  • A dress rehearsal is the full rehearsal of a performance including costumes, scenery, lighting and sound. It generally takes place a day or two before the first performance.
  • The green room is a place where performers hang out when not required on the stage.
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