Palermo, Buenos Aires
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Palermo, Buenos Aires


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Palermo is the largest and greenest barrio in Buenos Aires. And it is one of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods. Head to Palermo Viejo for hip restaurants, fashionable clubs and cutting-edge boutiques. A trip to the Buenos Aires Planetarium provides a peek at the southern sky. The Buenos Aires Botanical Garden, Japanese Garden and Zoo are three things green. They offer weary travelers a chance to chill and tykes a place to run and jump.
What is a Barrio?
Barrio is the Spanish word for neighborhood. The word is used throughout the Spanish-speaking world but means something different in each country. The word barrio means an area of a town in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Spain. In Argentina, barrio refers to a part of a city with a distinct makeup. A barrio is slum in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and United States. And while Spanish is no longer the official language in the Philippines the word barrio is still used. It means a rural village and is spelled baryo in Tagalog.
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