Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix
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The Phoenix Zoo is one of the top 5 Zoos in America according to Child Magazine. Children aged 5 and under will enjoy the Enchanted Forest. They can splash and play in Critter Creek, search for toys, watch a puppet show, explore Rock Island, or climb a miniature version of Papago Buttes. And older kids aren't left out of the fun. In addition to observing animals in their natural environment at the Monkey Village and Wallaby Walkabout. They can test their level of fear at Dangers or Deceptions. Learn about a Colombian rainforest at the Forest of Uco. Or participate in one of the many special events ranging from simulated digs to the Wilderness Experience Night Camp, where, in addition to sleeping in a private tent, families learn about nocturnal animals, take a guided hike, and receive advice on how to navigate using stars.

455 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona 85008 | +1 (602) 273 1341 | Website | Email

My Travel Journal: Zoo Animals
Zoo Animals
I went to the _____________________________ Zoo on my trip to ______ _____________________________. I saw __________________________ , __________________________ and __________________________ . My favorite animal is the _______________________________________, because ______________________ __________________________________________________________. My _____________________________ liked ______________________ the most. __________________________ is the funniest animal I've ever seen. I didn't get to see the ________________________, because ________________________________________________ ____________ . It's lots of fun to visit a zoo!

Here's a picture of my favorite zoo animal.


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