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San Sebastian Fortress, Fortaleza Sao Sebastiao in Portuguese, is the oldest standing fort in Portuguese East Africa and it is one of Mozambique Island's most impressive monuments. Not only is this 16th century fortress testament to the island's importance under Portuguese rule it harbors a clue to the population's survival. The fort's intricate system of rainwater collection was, until recently, the islanders only source of fresh water. Hire a local guide for roughly 1 USD and turn your tour of San Sebastian Fortress into a journey through the island's past. View cannons from the 1820s and learn about attacks from the Dutch, Arabs, English and even the French.
Getting There
San Sebastian Fortress is located on the northern tip of Mozambique Island. The fort is easily reached by foot from all points on this small island.
Admission & Fees
Entrance to the fort is free of charge. Locals charge roughly 1 USD for guided tours of the fort and adjacent Chapel of our Lady of the Bulwarks.
Things to Keep in Mind
A stroll around the fort's exterior is possible at low tide only.
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