Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refugee, Eureka Springs
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239 Turpentine Creek Lane
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
+1 (479) 253 5841
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Tiger at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refugee


Photo by Turpentine Creek

Turpentine Creek is a big cat sanctuary. They provide refuge for abandoned, abused and neglected tigers, lions, leopards and cougars and are actively engaged in educating the public. View 150 exotic animal species, including more than 100 large cats. Visit the Education Station and touch and feel. Take a Habitat Tour and learn about big cat rescue. Attend a Keeper Talk and get feline facts. Visit in the late afternoon and watch big cats feed.
Are Big Cats Good Pets?

Having a big cat - lion, tiger, cheetah, leopard, jaguar, bobcat or cougar - for a pet sounds really cool. Big cats are cute and cuddly as cubs and regal as adults. Walking a large feline and playing with a cub is surely lots of fun. What's more, none of your friends have one. So why think twice before nagging mom and dad? Here are a few reasons why

  • Big cats are expensive pets. They cost lots of money to buy. They are expensive to feed. Their custom cages are costly.
  • Big cats aren't domestic felines. They have sharp claws and teeth. They are difficult to handle. They can be destructive.
  • Big cats are a lot of work. They require special training. They need special toys. They need lots of mental stimulation.
  • Big cats require lots of space. They need lots of room to move. They require space beyond their cage.
  • Big cats make big messes. They spray urine. They leave a musky odor.
  • Big cats require special medical care. They need special vaccinations. Not all vets are willing or prepared to care for lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, bobcats and cougars.
  • Its illegal to keep big cats as pets in many places. Special permits are required in those places that allow big cat ownership.
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