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Watamu Beaches, Watamu
Fast Facts




Watamu 80202
Coast Province, Kenya
Points of Interest Nearby

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Watamu boasts the best beaches in Kenya. Not only are these superb stretches of sand ideal for swimming and sunbathing, low tide exposes the small wonders of the sea making the broad sand strands unique places to stroll. Here a few things to note. Watamu beach is in reality three, Watamu Bay, Blue Lagoon and Turtle Bay. Watamu Bay is the least developed; Turtle Bay is the most famous. The tidal range is substantial meaning the shoreline changes dramatically every 6 hours. The beach is broadest at low tide and narrowest at high tide. Low tide is the best time for rockpooling and snorkeling.
Sea Cucumber Facts
Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Peter Craig, courtesy of National Park Service


There are lots of fun facts about the sea cucumber. Did you know that?

  • Sea cucumbers aren't ocean vegetables but rather marine animals.
  • Sea cucumbers, Holothuroidea, are a class of echinoderms just like starfish, sea urchins and sand dollars. There are more than 1000 living species.
  • Sea cucumbers have soft cylinder-shaped bodies. Most species look like fat worms or thick caterpillars.
  • Sea cucumbers have five sets of tube feet. They have pentameral or five-rayed symmetry as their bodies are divided into five equal parts.
  • Sea cucumbers have a unique way of breathing. They extract oxygen from water that is pumped in and out of an internal organ called a respiratory tree.
  • Sea cucumbers range in size from 1 cm (0.4 inches) to 2 m (6.6 feet) but average 10 - 30 cm (4 - 12 inches) in length. Synapta maculata is the largest species, Rhabdomolgus ruber the smallest.
  • Sea cucumbers live on or near the ocean floor. They are found in all the oceans of the world and at all depths of water.
  • Sea cucumbers eat mainly dead plants and animals. They are scavenging omnivores.
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