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White Rocks, Portrush
Fast Facts




Strand Avenue
Portrush, Co. Antrim BT56 8ET
Northern Ireland
Natural Wonder
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The chalk bluffs at White Rocks are a truly magnificent North Coast attraction. Not only are these rugged limestone cliffs lined with pocket caves and sculpted arches, they harbor a spectacular stretch of sea and sand. Sunbath on a golden beach. Splash and swim in the sparkling blue sea. Build sandcastles. Surf and skimboard. Tour the coast on a boat trip from Portrush and, in addition to spotting seabirds, view weatherworn landforms centuries in the making.
Chalk Facts
Chalk Cliffs of Bonifacio

Chalk Cliffs of Bonifacio

Alfredo De Simone


There are lots of fun facts about chalk. Did you know that?

  • Chalk is a soft, white, fine-grained type of limestone.
  • Chalk is composed mostly of the mineral calcite and is made from the fossilized skeletons of microscopic marine plankton.
  • Chalk is a sedimentary rock meaning it is deposited in layers, one on top of the other, that are pressed together and, over time, cemented into stone.
  • Chalk forms in marine environments with warm water and deep seas.
  • Chalk is found in northwest Europe and between the Rocky Mountains and Mississippi River in the United States.
  • Most of the world's chalk deposits date from the Cretaceous Period, 144 - 65 million years ago.
  • Chalk is highly porous making it a natural storage tank for water.
  • Chalk is weathered by frost but isn't weathered by water as its fine-grained structure acts as a raincoat.
  • Chalk is used to make cement and is used by gymnasts and other athletes to provide grip.
  • Chalk is no longer used to write on chalkboards and mark tennis courts, cheaper substances are used instead.
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