Bazaruto Island, Mozambique
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Bazaruto Island


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

Approximately 35 km (22 miles) long and at most 7 km (4 miles) wide, Bazaruto Island or Ilha do Bazaruto is the largest and most frequently visited island in the archipelago. Characterized by towering sand dunes, Bazaruto is home to the Samango monkey, red duiker as well as numerous species of butterflies and birds. And aside from great scuba diving and snorkeling and excellent game and surf fishing enjoy birdwatching, sand boarding, horseback riding and hiking. Observe black-winged flamingos and turtle's nest. Visit a mangrove community and trek to the old Farol (lighthouse). Arrange a picnic on Pansy Island and turn what once would have been a romantic excursion for two into a family outing in the spirit of Robinson Crusoe. And relax. This is one place where you won't be distracted from spending quality time with the kids.
Southern Right Whales
The Tail of a Southern Right Whale

The Tail of a Southern Right Whale

Gobierno del Chubut


There are lots of fun facts about the Southern Right Whale. Did you know that:

  • The Southern Right is a baleen whale and it is one of three species of Right Whales.
  • Southern Right Whales inhabit the cold waters of the world's southern oceans.
  • Like other Right Whales, the Southern Right has a broad back but no dorsal fin. Its body is either dark gray or black and some have white patches on their belly.
  • Southern Right Whales have callosities on their head and whale lice on their skin.
  • Southern Rights are one of the biggest whales but they eat some of the smallest sea life. They trap crustaceans, such as copepods and krill, in their bristly comb-like plates.
  • Southern Right Whales use their tails to do more than swim. When they lift their tail flukes into the wind, Southern Right Whales cool their bodies. And when they catch the wind with their tails, Southern Rights sail.
  • Southern Right Whales migrate twice a year. They feed near Antarctica in summer and breed along the coasts of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mozambique, New Zealand and South Africa in winter.
  • Right whaling was banned more than 70 years but the whaling of Southern Rights continued in some countries as recently as 30 years ago.
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