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Cairo, Egypt
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Pyramid of Khafre, Giza


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

Apart from the hazard of crossing the street, touring Cairo with children is no different than taking the kids to any other capital city. It can be exhausting when visited at a breakneck pace, boring if too much time is spent at one place and wholly rewarding when a child's interests are considered. There is much to this city of 20 million that kids find fascinating! And street life is but the start. Tour the Pyramids at Giza and Dahshur and explore the temples inside and out. Visit the Egyptian Museum and ogle at King Tut's tomb. Cruise the Nile on a felucca and view Cairo in a different way. Float on the river at night and take in a belly dancing show. Don't forget to make time for a trip to Khan al-Khalili, Cairo's principal marketplace. It is a great place to experience commercial Cairo and introduce kids to the art of bargaining.
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