Cape Vidal, South Africa

There is more to a family vacation at Cape Vidal than angling. This strip of land wedged between Lake St. Lucia and the Indian Ocean offers access to two unique environments. Hike shorelines and coastlines. Discover wetlands and forested dunes. Spot animals large and small - hippos, crocs and humpback whales. Watch birds. Snorkel in a tidal pool. Observe sea turtles, both loggerhead and leatherback, hatch and nest. Relax on gold sand.
How Do Baleen Whales Feed?
Southern Right Whale

Southern Right Whale

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There are lots of facts about baleen whales that are fun. Here are few fun facts on how they feed.

  • Baleen whales - bowhead, humpback, fin, minke, sei, Bryde's, Eden's, blue, gray and right whales - feed on tiny creatures - fish, krill and plankton - no bigger in size than a grain of rice.
  • Baleen whales use their baleen - rough comb-like plates that hang from their upper jaw much like a curtain - to trap food in the same way as a strainer.
  • Baleen whales feed in two different ways, lunging and skimming.
  • Right and bowhead whales skim-feed at the surface. They swim slowly, mouth open, and skim off their prey. Right whales can skim-feed for hours.
  • Rorquals - fin, sei, Bryde's Eden's, blue, humpback and minke - lunge-feed. They swim fast into a school and gulp large mouthfuls of food and water.
  • Humpback whales lunge-feed in an unusual way. They trap their prey in a cloud of bubbles and then herd them to the surface. The humpbacks lunge at the herded prey gulping as may as they can.

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