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Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota
Fast Facts
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Scale Model of Crazy Horse Memorial


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

Crazy Horse Memorial, carved into the mountain in Mount Rushmore fashion, is a tribute to one of America's most important Indian leaders. And while this monument is not without controversy - some Native American activists believe Crazy Horse Memorial exploits the Lakota culture and desecrates sacred ground - a trip to this tourist attraction offers insight to the man as well as the people. Visit the Indian Museum of North America. Tour the sculptor's studio. Shop for Indian crafts at the Native American Cultural Center. View the world's largest mountain carving.
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse 1877

Crazy Horse 1877

Original of cropped version at the Custer Battle Museum in Montana

Crazy Horse, born Tashunca-uitco between 1840 and 1845, was a warrior and leader of the Oglala Lakota. Best known for his participation in the Battle of Little Bighorn, Crazy Horse fought against the U.S. government, American settlers and other Native Americans on several occasions. And while these conflicts are often portrayed as evil, Crazy Horse fought to preserve the values and traditions of his people. He fought to prevent American encroachment on Lakota lands. Crazy Horse defended his people against their enemies. When the War Department ordered the Lakota Indians onto the reservation in 1876 Crazy Horse became the tribe's leader of resistance. Crazy Horse led a surprise attack against Brigadier General George Cook in the Battle of the Rosebud. Crazy Horse fought against General George Custer at Little Bighorn. He attempted the rescue of a Minicoujou village following the Battle of Slim Buttes. But by 1877 Crazy Horse and his roughly 800 followers were weak and weary. On May 5 of that year his small band surrendered to U.S. troops at Camp Robinson in Nebraska. Crazy Horse was killed a mere three months later.
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