Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville, Arkansas may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a family vacation yet according to Kiplinger's magazine this town of just 62,000 is the 7th best place in America to work, live and play. Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas, a Top Tier university with an NCAA football team. It boasts a green approach to city planning. Fayetteville has numerous parks, most of which are connected by the citywide trail system. The historic downtown is host to a whole range of nightlife from music venues to beer joints and fine dinning. The city's calendar of festivals, including the Fayetteville Film Festival, Springfest, and Bikes, Blues and Barbeque motorcycle rally, keep Fayetteville hopping. The Walton Arts Center, the cornerstone of culture in Fayetteville, features high quality national productions such as R.E.N.T, Annie, and C.A.T.S. Fayetteville is a sort of oasis in Arkansas, it has a different vibe than any other city in the state.... Read More

Copyright © Rhonda Crone. All rights reserved. Rhonda Crone is a freelance writer who lives in the Ozarks with two kids, a husband, a Welsh Corgie and a dwarf bunny. After finishing her journalism degree and starting her family six years ago, Rhonda has been blogging and writing for local magazines and various websites. She writes about anything that interests her, from wine to wellness to parenting, but her main love is travel writing, despite her intense fear of flying.
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