Lac du Flambeau

Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

There is more to a Lac du Flambeau family vacation than fishing, hiking, biking and winter sports. This small town in 'Up North' Wisconsin is the cultural pearl of the Northwoods. Hunters and gatherers, Native Americans, French fur traders and loggers all shaped Lac du Flambeau's early history. While there is little evidence of all but the Native Americans a trip to Lac du Flambeau offers families an opportunity to learn about an important segment of what came before. Tour Wa-swa-goning, replica of a 17th century Ojibwe village... Read More, as well as the Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center, and in addition to learning about the Lac du Flambeau band of Lake Superior Ojibwe, find out how Lac du Flambeau got its name. And if you are in Lac du Flambeau on a summer Thursday take in a Pow-Wow. A family field trip has never been so much fun.
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Lac du Flambeau

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