Mafikeng, South Africa


A stop in Mafikeng or place among the rocks is a must for history buffs traveling in the North West. The area’s volcanic rocks provided shelter to the SAN bushman more than 8000 years ago, the Khoikhoi migrated through the region roughly 3000 years ago, and the Sotho-Tswana introduced crops and settled the area more than 2000 years ago. Yet the town is noted for the siege lasting 217 days that occurred here at the outset of the second Anglo-Boer War in 1899 and Sol Plaatje, author of the ‘The Boer War Diary of Sol T Plaatje: an African at Mafikeng’. The museum and area monuments provide an insight to the area’s history both white and black.

History & Culture
Learn more about the Mafikeng's early history and the Boer war.
Plot your route to and within the North West Province.
The breath of South African literature goes beyond Nadine Gordimer and JM Coetzee, awarded the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991 and 2003 respectively. Find books by South African authors whether your interest is guidebooks, novels or history. Learn about the history of black literature in South Africa. Find books for kids and read reviews on South African literature for children. Get recommended reading lists for travel to South Africa and in addition to introducing younger children to your family vacation destination and getting teens and tweens ready for a family trip embark on a journey through books.
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Music & Sound
South African music is all about a coming together of ideas. From the Dutch colonial era to modern times South Africans have blended local music and Western song to create unique styles such as mbaqanga, bubblegum and kwaito. Learn more about the history of South African music and explore South African song online. Don't limit your exploration of sound to music. Explore wildlife through sound. Listen to an elephant trumpet and a lion snarl and roar. Learn to identify birdcalls before you depart on a bird watching tour.
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Read South African news online and brush up on South African current events from politics to economics and sports to entertainment. Discover what South Africans are reading.
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Did you know that South Africa is home to both the largest and smallest land mammals? Discover trivia and fun facts about South Africa. Learn about the country, people and the land.
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Associations and non-profit organizations can be a valuable resource as well as means to get involved. Wildlife conservation may be the principle focus of non-profit organizations in South Africa but it is not the only. Find out more about a few of the organizations involved in conservation matters ranging from South Africa's marine and animal life to cultural and natural treasures and the environment.

Great family attractions in Mafikeng

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