Maphelana Nature Reserve, South Africa

Maphelana Nature Reserve, also spelled Mapelane, is great place to fish. Spear fish, surf fish and deep-sea fish. Hunt for mussels, oysters and crayfish in intertidal rock pools. And if the kids are hankering for a change in pace, hike the self-guided Umphafa Trail. Explore the estuary bank and forested dunes. Spot small buck, monkey and mongoose. Keep your eyes peeled for hippos and crocs. Watch birds. More than 200 birds species have been recorded at Maphelana.
Bird Call Facts
African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle

Harry van der Linde courtesy African Wildlife Foundation


There are lots of fun facts about birdcalls. Did you know that?

  • Birdcalls are a form of communication. Baby birds call their mothers when they are hungry. Birds call to find their chicks. Birds call to one another when they find food. Birds call out warnings when a predator is about. Birds call to mark their territory. Birds call to keep in touch while migrating.
  • Not all birds can recognize the caller. Some birds species know their mother's call before they hatch. Others never learn to recognize the call of their mate, chick or parent.
  • Birds learn to call at different times. Some birds learn to call from inside their egg. It takes some bird species as much as five weeks to learn.
  • Birdcalls are about the here and now. Birds can't tell their friends what happened yesterday or what they plan to do tomorrow.

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