Mission Rocks, South Africa
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Mission Rocks or Mfabeni, is a great place to stretch your legs. Explore rock pools at low tide. Climb coastal dunes and take in the views. Hike the loops tracks known as Mziki Trail and discover grasslands, dune forests and freshwater pans. Trek the strenuous 5-day, 65 km Emoyeni Trail and test your outdoor skills. Take a guided ranger hike (minimum age is 12) and, in addition to watching birds, spot hippos, crocs and buffalo. Mission Rocks is a top hiking spot in iSimangaliso Wetland Park.
What are Tide Pools?
Observing Tide Pool Creatures

Observing Tide Pool Creatures

Alfredo De Simone

Tide pools, also called tidal pools or rock pools, are puddles of water left behind by the tide. These natural aquariums are home to sea creatures and plants such as worms, crabs, mollusks, algae, sea palms, barnacles and small fish. They provide shelter for fragile organisms. Tide pools are unique habitats. And while life in a tide pool may seem ideal it is far from simple. The water temperature, level of oxygen, and salinity or concentration of salt changes with each rise and fall of the tide. Waves and currents batter tide pools. What's more, the inhabitants of tide pools are sitting ducks for predators.

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