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Pemba, Mozambique
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Photo by Rani Resorts

Capital of the Cabo Delgado province and home to the third largest bay in the world, Pemba is more than the departure point for excursions to Quirimbas Archipelago and ecotourist destinations in Mozambique's far north. A family trip to this sleepy north Mozambique town combines culture and fun. Tour the Paquitequete district and take in Pemba's colonial charm. Shop for Makonde woodcarvings at artisan cooperatives and shop with the locals at Mbanguia market. And if the sea is your calling, head to one of Cabo Delgado's numerous beaches. Wimbi Beach, one of the most popular beaches on this stretch of coast, is but a few miles south of Pemba. Snorkel in shallow waters and scuba dive along vertical walls. Fish for tuna, sailfish and mackerel at St. Lazarus Banks, Banco de São Lázaro in Portuguese. Take a dhow safari and spot dolphin, whale and dugong. And should the kids tire of all the adventure build sandcastles on pristine white sand beaches.
Makonde Tattoos & Piercing
Makonde Girl

Makonde Girl

Leonid Plotkin

The Makonde, a Bantu-speaking people from northern Mozambique, are easily recognized. Makonde men and women file their teeth to a point. They tattoo geometrical shapes and natural figures on their body and face. And while rare today, Makonde women wear a metal plate in their upper lip. But make no mistake; these practices are neither religious acts nor a preparation for war. Piercing and tattooing are to the Makonde what perfume and make-up are to you. It is part of their cultural heritage.
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