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Quirimba Island, Mozambique
Fast Facts
Historic Interest
Points of Interest Nearby

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There is more to Quirimba Island, Ilha de Quirimbas in Portuguese, than pristine white sand beach and 65,000 coconut palms. This small island was the first capital of the archipelago that bears it name. And while little remains of Quirimbas' colonial architecture it is a great island to roam and discover. Weave tales of Arab maritime merchants plowing the seas in colorful dhows. Tell stories of locals weaving Maluane cloth by hand. And help the kids to imagine the struggle between the Arabs and Portuguese for this tiny piece of land.
Getting There
Quirimba Island is reachable by foot and by plane depending on where you are starting from. From Ibo Island venture across the sand-spit at low tide. From Pemba, take an air shuttle to the island's small landing strip.
When to Travel
The best time to visit Quirimbas Archipelago is from June to August when the average daytime temperature is between 22-30° C (71-86° F) and the chance of rain is minimal. The weather is hot and humid throughout the rainy season (November - April); the heaviest rains are in January and February. A trip to Ibo Island on or around June 24, the feast day of St. John the Baptist, offers families - or anyone else for that matter - with insight to local traditions.
Things to Keep in Mind
While it is possible to walk to Quirimba from Ibo Island at low tide, it is advisable to hire a guide.
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