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Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa
Fast Facts
Kid-Friendly Hotels

Leopard, Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Photo by andBeyond

Sabi Sand is South Africa's oldest and most exclusive private game reserve. It spans 65,000 hectares and shares a 50 km unfenced border with Kruger National Park. It's the birthplace of sustainable wildlife tourism in South Africa and has only ever been a wilderness area. It's part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park, the largest conservation area in Southern Africa. Sabi Sand Game Reserve is renowned for its exceptional leopard sightings and up-close wildlife encounters. The reserve's wildlife checklist counts more than 500 bird species and over 140 kinds of animals. It's home to all of the African big five - lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros - and several endangered species - wild dog, honey badgers, oxpeckers, ground hornbill, and several species of bats. Sabi Sand's varied landscape includes riverine forest, acacia groves, grasslands, and, of course, bush savanna. Termite mounds are one of its most distinctive features. The Sabie and Sand rivers provide it with a source of water. What's more, the accommodation at Sabi Sand ranges from affordable to luxury and many of the reserve's safari lodges and camps welcome children.
History & Culture
Whether you are interested in early man, the Voortrekker or Boer trek from Cape Town to Natalia, or Apartheid, the history of South Africa is a lesson in extremes. Home to the Khoikhoi, Kora, San Sesotho, Tsongo, Tswana, Xhosa and Zulu tribes as well as the Afrikaans, South Africa's cultural geography is a smorgasbord of language and identity. While Nelson Mandela and Stephen Bico may be South Africa's best known political personalities they are not the only. Learn more about the individuals that helped shape this southern nation.
Online maps are a great family travel planning resource and great way to get the kids involved in a family vacation. Use online maps of South Africa to pinpoint your family travel destination, identify points of interest and plan your itinerary. Map mountain ranges, national parks and game reserves. And use online maps to learn about the history, geography and politics of the land.
Literature and Safari
Music & Sound
The sounds of the wild and the call of the birds.
Local newspapers provide insight to local culture in a way books can't. Read South African newspapers online and brush up on South African current events. Get South African news and, in addition to discovering what South Africans are reading, find out what's happening.
Kids' Stuff
Introduce your children to conservation and wildlife. Test your knowledge, play games online and create a checklist for your next safari.
Associations and non-profit organizations can be a valuable resource as well as means to get involved. Wildlife conservation may be the principle focus of non-profit organizations in South Africa but it is not the only. Find out more about a few of the organizations involved in conservation matters ranging from South Africa's marine and animal life to cultural and natural treasures and the environment.
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