Seil Island, Scotland
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Seil Island


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

The slate isle of Seil is a fun place to explore. Tour the quarry town of Ellenabeich (also known as Easdale). Walk cobblestone streets. See white-harled worker's cottages. Take a fast boat trip to Corryvreckan whirlpool and, in addition to taking in the scenery, spot seals, dolphins and whales. Visit An Cala Gardens. Hike coastal footpaths. Walk in Ballachuan Hazel Wood. Traverse the single arched Bridge Over the Atlantic. Hop a ferry to Easdale Island. Cross Cuan Sound and ride bikes on Luing Island.
Gray Seal Facts
Gray Seal

Gray Seal

Alfredo De Simone


There are lots of fun facts about the gray seal. Did you know that?

  • The gray seal is a member of the Phocidae or true seal family. Its scientific name, Halichoerus grypus, is Greek for hook-nosed pig.
  • Gray seal, Atlantic Gray Seal and Horsehead Seal are three names for the same thing. Gray seal is spelled Grey Seal in all English-speaking countries but the United States.
  • Gray seals inhabit the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. They are found on the both coasts, Europe and North America. They breed on rocky shores, ice flows and sandbars. They feed in open waters.
  • The gray seal is a large seal. It can measure 10 feet (3 m) in length and weigh as much as 660 lbs (300 kg). Females are smaller than males.
  • Gray seals have dark brown or silver colored coats that look black when wet. Their front flippers have long, curved claws. Males have a fat, wrinkled neck with several folds of skin.
  • The gray seal eats a great variety of fish and also feeds on octopus, shrimp and squid. It swallows small fish whole but uses its front flipper claws to tear large fish into bite-sized morsels.
  • Gray seals are gregarious animals. They live, molt and pup in groups called pods.

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