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St. Lucia, South Africa
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The village of St. Lucia is the gateway to St. Lucia Estuary and Eastern Shores area. Take a boat tour on Lake St. Lucia and watch hippos, crocs and waterbirds. Meet the living dinosaurs at the Crocodile Centre. Hike the 1.5 km Gwalagwala Walk and spot birds and small game. Enjoy a relaxing lunch in a village restaurant. Shop for souvenirs. Travel north to Mission Rocks and Cape Vidal and explore the wilds.
What is an Estuary?
Estuaries are the wide part of a river where it meets the sea. They are a place of transition and influenced by both rivers and oceans. Estuaries have tides and waves and are a silty brown from river sediments. The water in estuaries is neither fresh nor salty; it is brackish or mix of the two. Estuaries are home to a great variety of plant and animal life. They are a unique habitat. Estuaries play an important role in the environment. They filter dirt and pollution just like a sieve. Estuaries are under threat from pollution and overfishing.
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