Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa
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Tsitsikamma National Park is a great place to take adventurous kids. Not only is Tsitsikamma a top hiking destination, it boasts a wide range of outdoor adventures and more than 80 km of dramatic coastline. Hike a self-guided nature trail. Trek the multi-day Tsitsikamma Trail or much acclaimed Otter Trail. Scuba, snorkel, abseil, and canoe. Watch dolphins and whales. Spy on bushpigs, honey badgers and blue duikers. Spot the Knysna Lourie and whole host of birds. And if you're timing is right, catch sight of the elusive Cape clawless otter.
Fun facts about Blue Duikers

There are lots of fun facts about Blue Duikers. Did you know that?

  • The Blue Duiker, Philantomba monticola, is a species duiker and is an even-toed ungulate or antelope.
  • Blue Duikers have a short, glossy coat that is tinted blue. The scent glands below their eyes look like slits. They have two short, ridged triangular horns.
  • The Blue Duiker is the smallest duiker and one of the smallest antelopes. They stand just 40 cm (16 inches) tall and weigh no more than 5 kg (11 pounds).
  • Blue Duikers live in thick, forested areas with high rainfall. They are found in Central Africa and southern South Africa.
  • The Blue Duiker, like all other duikers, is a shy animal that is quick to hide.
  • Blue Duikers are omnivores. They eat insects, eggs and rodents as well as fruit, flowers and leaves. Blue Duikers are the only species of antelope that eats meat.
  • The Blue Duiker is both diurnal, meaning it feeds during the day and sleeps at night, and solitary, meaning it lives alone or with its mating pair.
  • Blue Duikers are territorial. They actively patrol their territory and mark it with scent clues such as urine and dung.
  • The Blue Duiker is prey for the crowned hawk eagle, golden cat, leopard and baboon.
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