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Watching Wildlife with Kids
Wildlife Destinations
Family Travel Tips
Watching Wildlife with Kids

African Snail


Photo by andBeyond

Viewing wildlife in its natural habitat is a great way to nurture a child's love for nature and create a knowledge of wild animals that goes beyond videos, books and trips to the zoo. While taking children to attractions such as Kilimanjaro Safari - a 20-minute 'ride' at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida complete with real gazelles, white rhino, crocodiles and hippos - is a start, their image is likely to be incomplete. Yet you need not travel halfway round the world to watch animals roam, observing wildlife in nearby park can be just as rewarding. What's more, a wildlife watching experience need not break the bank.
Wildlife Crossword Puzzle
How well do you know wildlife? This crossword puzzle contains the tallest, smallest, slowest and fastest mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. Use the clues to solve the crossword puzzle. Print it out and have fun!

Across Down
3. Largest fish 1. Largest land mammal
5. Fastest bird 2. Largest marine mammal
8. Tallest animal 4. Largest reptile
9. Fastest land mammal 6. Fastest fish
10. Largest bird 7. Largest turtle
11. Slowest fish
12. Smallest mammal
Travel Trivia
Which of the following animals are you likely to spot on an African safari:
Books for Kids about Animals
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