Monterosso al Mare
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Hotel Type: B&B
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Via IV Novembre, 75

19016 Monterosso al mare (SP)


+39 0187 809183

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This guesthouse or affittacamere (rooms for let) is a true find. Situated roughly 150 meters from the beach in the residential area of Monterosso this 7-room establishment has all the comforts of a hotel. Each of the spacious rooms has a private bath, minibar and kettle and two have a small balcony. The only drawback, there is no view.
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A pleasant surprise

Submitted on 26 September 2007 by snowedunder from Monza, Italy

Our room at the Affittacamere Arcobaleno was a pleasant surprise. It was tastefully decorated, comfortably accommodated a double bed and single bunk beds, and, most importantly, it was clean. Each room had a TV, coffee pot, minibar and its own private bath with a proper shower. (No flooded floors here!) And while we didn't have a view to the sea our room had a small balcony and we were only 150 meters (less than 500 feet) from the beach. In short, it was better than most 3-star Italian hotels.

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