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Riad Numero 9, Fès
Fast Facts




9 Derb Lamside
Soukit Ben Safi
Fes 30200
+ 212 (0)535634045
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Rooftop at Riad 9


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

Riad Numbero 9 is the place to stay in Fes. And while I could talk at length about its stylish elegance, what makes this Riad truly exceptional is the atmosphere created by the owners, Stephen di Renza and Bruno Ussel. The eclectic décor reflects Stephen's personal history, America, France and Vietnam. This richly embellished 3-room dar (it has a courtyard not a garden in the atrium) is far from in your face. It's relaxed and low-key. What's more, every decoration serves a purpose. Even the nondescript front door is an integral part of the whole; it separates the bustling medina from the tranquility within. The food is excellent and, while not prepared by a chef, is the work of a passionate cook. Who could ask for more! Stephen and Bruno are both at hand and distant. They're happy to chat and give advice yet somehow know when its time to fade into the woodwork. In short, a stay at Riad 9 is akin to a sleep in an enchanting private home without the onus of being a guest. Family Travel Tips: 1) Bruno and Stephen love children. 2) All the rooms in this riad open onto to an atrium thus a fussy child at 6am could well wake the entire house. 3) The nearest car park is located at Ain Azleten, a 10-minute walk from Riad 9. 4) While it's possible to reach the guesthouse independently, availing of the transfer avoids a long walk with luggage should your cab drop you at the opposite end of the old city. 5) Don't ask locals for directions to Derb Lamside. Ask instead how to reach Chrabliyine or Zoaq Rowah, large lanes that run parallel. From there, make inquiries for Bruno and Stephen's place. 6) If pronouncing a street name yields nothing but blank stares, point to the address on your printed itinerary.

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Riad Numero 9

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