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Biking with Kids in the Wisconsin Northwoods
Fast Facts




Biking Destinations in Northwoods
Family Travel Tips
Biking with Kids in the Wisconsin Northwoods

Child using Water Pump


Photo by Ann LoCicero

Cycling - mountain biking and bicycle touring - is a fun thing to do on a Northwoods family vacation. Ride rolling bike trails that wind through the woods. Cycle flat track along crystal clear lakes. Pedal converted rail beds. Expend energy while having fun. Spot birds and animals. Take in the scenery. Picnic, fish and swim. With over 100 miles (160 km) of bike trails and a plethora of paved, lightly traveled roads family cycling in the Wisconsin Northwoods is an adventure on two wheels.
Road Rules for Cyclists
Cycling on the right

Cycling on the right

Ann LoCicero


Bicycles are considered vehicles most everywhere meaning cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. So before you back your bike out of the garage be sure you know the rules of the road. They apply to sidewalks, streets and paths. When cycling always:

  • Go with the flow. Ride with the traffic. Ride on the right. Ride single file.
  • Obey all traffic laws. Stop at stop signs. Respect traffic signals. Mind lane markings.
  • Use hand signals to stop and turn. Keep both hands on the handlebars at all other times.
  • Cross at intersections only. Take special care when pulling out between parked cars. Walk your bike at busy crossroads.
  • Look both ways at street corners. Watch for cars backing out of driveways. Keep an eye out for cars pulling out of side streets.
  • Ride at least 5 feet from park cars. Car doors can swing open suddenly.
  • Be respectful of bikers and pedestrians. Pass bikers and walkers on the left. Call out 'On your left!' before you make your move. Ride slowly on busy paths and sidewalks. Walk your bike when they are jam-packed.
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