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Outdoor Survival Kit
Make an outdoor first aid kit
Learn to use a compass
Outdoor Survival Kit

Child at Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park

Photo by Alfredo De Simone

By Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Hiking is great way to explore the outdoors and it is great fun. But before you head out to the desert, mountains or woods, you will need to think about how you can be safe and smart. Carrying a survival kit in your pack is one way to be prepared.

We suggest you put this neat stuff in your survival kit:

If you get lost or hurt, use your whistle. It's easier than yelling and people will hear you from a long way away. If you are hurt or tired or scared, just blow into your whistle! People looking for you can whistle to you, too. Remember, 3 blows means "I need help!" Do this over many times so people can find you.

A hat with a brim will keep the sun and rain off your face, your head warm when it gets cold, and bugs out of your hair!

Don't get burned! It hurts, you lose important water in your body and can damage your skin.

You can survive a pretty long time without food (three weeks), but you really NEED clean, safe water.

Hey, you're going to get hungry, and it's a great reward for a long hike.

Use a compass to find north, south, east and west, determine direction of the wind and follow the map of your hiking trail.

Brightly colored bandana
You can use it for all kinds of things. If you're hot you can use it as a headband. If you're lost you can tie it on the end of a stick and use it as a flag. A bandana can also be used for first aid, to make a really cool something to tie on to your pack, or, or whatever!

First Aid Kit
Buy one at the store or make your own. Make sure to put it in a plastic bag that zips shut.

Trowel (tiny shovel) and toilet paper
Can't find a bathroom? Do like a cat, dig a little hole, then cover it up when you're done. Make sure to dig your hole far away from streams or ponds otherwise you could contaminate the water.

Handwipes or washcloth
They will keep your hands clean!

And if your pack is too heavy, ask an adult to carry some of your neat stuff.

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