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South Africa Travel Guide
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Observing a lion on an African safari


Photo by andBeyond

There is more to South Africa than its size. Three times the dimension of Texas, the second largest American state, this complex family travel destination varies greatly from bustling modern cities to quaint villages and towns and from a raw subtropical coastline to the Kalahari Desert and bushveld in the north. What's more, South Africa's wealth extends beyond chic, metropolitan Cape Town and the abundant wildlife found in the Kruger National Park.

Penned the 'Rainbow Nation' for its cultural diversity, South Africa has reconciled with its past and is truly a coming together of the continent's cultures. Take-in one of the many cultural events and enjoy theatre, dance, opera, and cabaret as well as classical music and jazz. Visit a museum and introduce the kids to the history of South Africa as well as fine art and African craft. Tour a World Heritage Site and discover the complexity, not to mention the atrocities, of mankind.

In South Africa, the diversity extends to the wild. With over 800 species of birds and animals, a wildlife safari goes well beyond the Big 5 (elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo). And wildlife viewing need not be limited to the bush. With 3000 km or nearly 1900 miles of coast, South Africa is one of the best places in the world to observe sea life, even from shore.

Outdoor activities do not end there. South Africa is an adventure traveler's paradise, even for those traveling with kids. Try you hand at scuba diving, whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, canoeing, surfing, hot air ballooning and even hang gliding.
Travel Journal: Customs & Traditions
Customs & Traditions
Each country, people and region have their own set of customs and traditions. On my trip to _____​_____​_____​_____​__ I learned a bit about the culture and people. The principal language is _____​_____​_____​_____​__. The main religions are _____​_____​_____​_____​ and _____​_____​_____​____. _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__ is the most important holiday. It is celebrated on _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___. _____​_____​____ is best known for its _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_ tradition. _____​_____​_____​__ traditional homes are made of _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_ and all have a _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​. While few wear traditional clothing to work and school, it is still worn on special occasions. Women wear _____​_____​_____​_____​, men wear _____​_____​_____​_____​__. Popular dishes include _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​ and _____​_____​_____​_____​_. _____​_____​_____​_____​___ is a popular drink. In _____​_____​_____​, people greet each other by _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____.

This image best captures the culture.

Travel Trivia
Wisconsin is nicknamed the:
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