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South Dakota Travel Guide
Fast Facts
Natural Wonder
Historic Interest
Native Experiences
Paleo & Archeo
Places to Visit
Family Travel Tips

Deadwood, South Dakota


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

There is more to South Dakota than Mount Rushmore. In addition to the faces of four U.S. presidents - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln - a monument to Crazy Horse is also carved in the mountain. Wind cave National Park, the world's second longest cave, is more than an underground maze. Up top sits one of America's last mixed grass prairies. Jewel Cave National Monument is all about calcite crystals. Black Hills National Forest was sacred ground for the Lakota and home to a plethora of Wild West characters. Grasslands meet eroded canyons at Badlands National Park. Custer State Park may not have national standing yet it has nothing to envy. It boasts scenic drives, hiking trails, clear blue lakes, charming lodges and wildlife. A family vacation in South Dakota is about prospectors, Native Americans, bison and homesteaders as well as wide-open spaces.
Travel Journal: Native Americans
Native Americans
There are more than 550 American Indian tribes in the United States and each one has its own unique culture and traditions. On my trip to _____​_____​_____​_____​__ I learned a bit about the _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_ . They live in the U.S. states of _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___ and _____​_____​_____​ but once lived from _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_ to _____​_____​_____​_____​. Their traditional homes are called _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__. The _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_ once cultivated _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ and _____​_____​_____​___. They once hunted _____​_____​_____​_____​__ and _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​. Unlike me, they didn't just eat the meat. They used every part of the animal. They used _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___ for _____​_____​_____​_____​__ and _____​_____​_____​_____​___ for _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​. Like other Native Americans, the _____​_____​___ made crafts of various kinds. They are famous for their _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____. Of all the things I've learned about the _____​_____​_____​_____​ people, a few things are really fascinating. The most interesting thing I learned was _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__. I was surprised to discover that _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__. I'm not sure why _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____.

Travel Trivia
Puerto Madryn is located on the shore of which Ocean:
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