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Wyoming Travel Guide
Fast Facts
Historic Interest
Shows & Events
Natural Wonder
Waterway Cruises
Horseback Riding
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Photo by Alfredo De Simone

Wyoming may be the least populous U.S. state but it is one of the most frequently visited. Spouting geysers, bubbling mudpots, multicolored hot springs. Pronghorn, grizzly bear, buffalo. Craggy mountains, open prairies, a supervolcano. Lodgepole pine, sagebrush, quaking aspen. Cowboys, wild west, rodeo. Frontier days, pioneers, wagon trails. Native Americans, powwows, reservations. Fossils, dig sites, dinosaurs. And there are lots of great lodges and good restaurants. What's more, kids are welcome everywhere and many of the activities are geared to families. So what's the catch? Getting around requires time and a car.
Travel Journal: Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching
I saw lots of wildlife on my trip to _____​_____​_____​_____​____. I spotted _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ with my naked eyes but needed binoculars to see _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_. I was the first to spot _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​ and _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____. I spotted _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___ species! I enjoyed watching _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ because _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_ . _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ is the funniest animal or bird I've ever seen. It did _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_ . Watching wildlife is a fun thing to do on a family vacation.

Here's a picture of my favorite bird or animal.

Travel Trivia
At Four Corners you can stand in which four U.S. States?
Books for Kids about Wyoming
Free Travel Journal
Get a free kids travel journal to document your family vacation.
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