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Zoe's Scrapbook: The Road to Shela
A seven-year-old child recounts her trek to Shela, a small village on the Lamu Island.
Family Vacation Destinations
Turquoise waters. Splendid corals. Tropical sea creatures. Child-f...
Things to Do
with Children
Boat tours afford a different view of Buenos Aires and the ParanĂ¡...
Kid-Friendly Accommodations
Novotel Tower Bridge may be cookie cutter chain but there are no s...
Bearskin State Trail is one of northern Wisconsin's most notable t...
Family-Friendly Tours
Vilanculos based Odyssea Dive offers snorkeling and scuba diving t...
Fun Family
At Two Medicine Dinosaur Center the focus is on education. Familie...
Fun Stuff
for Kids
Like the tipi, wigwams were used by Native Americans as dwellings....
Family Travel
Photography is a great way to get the kids involved in a family va...
When to Travel
The old town of Lamu is quick to get under your skin. Not only is this 12th century community steeped in the Swahili culture that o...
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Arizona is the:
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